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Subj: forwards from Alby's guestbook ... now disc. due to spam Date: 1/31/02 10:11:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

Name: Glenn (Homepage) Country: Australia Date: Thu Nov 15 10:56:10 2001 Comment: Congrads on such a good web site dedicated to a true adventurer. It pleases me to see that someone can express compassion towards the animals rather than focusing on the plight of man. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen the gorilla movie which you spoke of on your web page as to the best of my memory it has not yet been shown here in Oz. Once again congardulations and keep up the good work.

Name: jenifer dubois (Homepage) Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 29 03:14:45 2001 Comment: i read your information about the documentary alby did about the african gorillas, and sent an email to the discovery channel. they sent me this - Journey to the Vanishing Gorillas I will re-air on Thursday Oct. 4, 2001 at 5:00 PM ET and again on Wednesday Feb. 6. 2002 at 5:00 PM ET. Journey to the Vanishing Gorillas II will re-air on Friday Oct. 5, 2001 at 5:00 PM and again on Thursday Feb. 7, 2002 at 5:00 PM ET.

Name: Lisa (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 24 00:28:07 2001 Comment: what a nice tribute to Alby! i agree with you about his show, it's a breath of fresh air to see someone who "gives a damn" about the earth and its peoples on TV...

Name: R. O. (Homepage) Country: Arizona, USA Date: Thu May 3 18:52:19 2001 Comment: I've been out there ... out in the desert with the stars in your lap. That is why Alby and his stories have such and effect on me. The desert, between Tucson and Phoenix, between the Papagos and the government, between the scorpions and the rattlesnakes, drinking boil coffee from a can, with a little sip of something now and then. The mesquite fire drawing one in close as the sounds of the desert grew louder and louder. That coffee and those little meals wrapped in foil and thrown into the c

Name: The Wolf (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Wed May 2 18:54:01 2001 Comment: The answer I recently received when writing the Discovery Channel to keep showing Alby and Rick. You, too, please write or call. << Name: Rick Snel (Homepage) Country: Oz Date: Fri Apr 20 18:43:49 2001 Comment: Loved to see felow followers,to see that we are all striving for the same results take care Rick. Name: Rick Snel (Homepage) Country: Date: Sat Apr 14 17:41:21 2001 Comment: Suprised and excited to see some feed back and more awareness on global issues. Later Rick

Name: Tess (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 29 23:36:22 2001 Comment: Subj: Re: Alby Mangels ... Thank You! Date: 3/29/01 11:10:48 AM Pacific Standard Time From: Thank you for contacting The Travel Channel. We appreciate all of your enthusiastic comments about "Adventure Bound" and Alby Mangels. Positive feedback such as yours is very important to us, as it assures us that our goals are being met. We will pass your comments along to our program management and executives for further re

Name: Wolfie (Homepage) Country: Southern Calif. Date: Fri Mar 23 23:10:27 2001 Comment: Alby's shows, on the Travel Channel, (usually shown at 2 pm Pacific Time) just get better, and better. I get real upset if I miss a one of them. Its' a great way to travel, and Alby takes all the risks. LOL "Becareful out-there Alby and friends, making all those swell videos!" If you love travel and Alby's efforts, please write and let them know, after visiting:


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